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Shepherd’s Friend Hand Creme is made right here on the farm in my Cuisinart.  I’ve been tweaking it for over 15 years to find just the right combination of luxurious oils and butters to create a nourishing, protecting, and pleasant to use hand cream.

Farmers are always out in the weather and know what works to keep fingers from cracking and cuticles healthy. I use it on sunburn, bug bites, crusty spots, poison ivy, nettle stings, etc.. The Ghana Beige Shea Butter base is loaded with vitamins and minerals that feed your skin. The lavender essential oil is antiseptic, anti-fungal, and an excellent bug repellent.

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Shepherd’s Friend Hand Creme is formulated for the hardworking farmer, fiber artist, gardener, potter, crafter or anybody who works with their hands. This is not a foo-foo top-dressing hand creme. It is thick, creamy, and will coat and protect your skin while healing and moisturizing your hands, elbows, heels and other crusty spots. I make no medical claims, but I’ve been told Shepherd’s Friend creme makes bug bites and scratches disappear while healing those cracks and torn cuticles.

Ingredients: unrefined shea butter, beeswax, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, apricot seed oil, essential oil of lavender and vitamin E


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Lemongrass, Original (Lavender), Patchouli

16 reviews for Shepherd’s Friend Hand Creme

  1. Joyce Wineman

    Received my order of hand Creme. Beautiful packaging which shows me the caring that went into sending my order. The Creme is amazing, besides working on around the house chores and all the hand washing due to the COVID19, I truly enjoy the softness and wonderful smell of my Creme. Will definitely share my thoughts and praises I have for your Creme. ? Thank you.

  2. Emily Hall

    My son is recovering from burns on his arms, hands, and face. He likes the feel of this hand cream on his newly healed, very tender skin. It does a great job keeping the new skin protected and moist. He prefers this hand cream to the other cremes and lotions we’ve used.

  3. Patricia Waldron

    Received my shepherd’s friend hand cream a few days ago. Just want to tell you how much I love this
    cream. I usually pick up a jar at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival every year. This year of course I
    could not do that. I use your cream at night; after a day of constant hand washing. The cream softens
    my hands and the lavender is a calming scent to help with sleep. Thanks again for a wonderful product.

  4. Solange Ashby

    I discovered Shepherd’s Friend hand creme at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival several years ago. It has since become my go-to lotion and now I buy their goat’s milk soap. Everything is luscious and all natural. The customer service, packaging, and product are all perfection. I am so happy to have found Maggie’s Farm!

  5. Judith

    My daughter lives in Syracuse and found you at a festival last year. She bought me a small jar of your hand cream! I love love love it! Today I ordered more and I want to share some with a friend who’s having trouble with her hands with so much hand washing & using hand sanitizer these days!

  6. Cleopatra Matheos

    Love, love, love this hand cream. I have super sensitive eczema prone skin and this cream soothes and heals my skin. I have used it for years and I recommend it to anyone who will listen. Makes great holiday gifts, too!

  7. Lorrie Ng

    My husband discovered this amazing cream and brought it home to me as a gift. I LOVE this cream!!! I use it all year long. It is especially wonderful in the winter when my skin is super dry. The lavender oil scent is soothing so I put it on my hands and neck before I go to sleep.

  8. Candice MacWilliam

    My husband’s hands were cracked and peeling from work and harsh winter. He tried everything and nothing worked. We received a small jar of shepherds cream for Christmas and used this with gloves and his hands healed. This is the only thing that worked and he is so grateful. We make sure we have plenty on hand now. Thank you for an amazing product.


  9. Cheryl

    I keep this cream in my hospital bag and in my car. I work as a nurse, and my hands are so dry! This softens them and provides a protective barrier for the constant sanitizing I put my hands through. I like to moisturize every time I get in the car and let it really soak in. My nurse friends love it as well. The lavender scent is very pleasant, but the lemongrass is wonderful as well. Highly recommend!

  10. Sherry Morse

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  11. Jill Hoegler

    From the 1st moment I used a sample of the hand cream at my Aunts house, I knew this was a product someone took great care in making. I ordered the largest size I could buy, and was pleasantly surprised at the detail put into the packaging & presentation! I shouldn’t have been surprised… once again, this is a product someone takes great pride in producing… & providing.

    Personally, for me, I have psoriasis that drives me crazy with deep angst to itch… the hand cream on my knees & elbows has stopped this issue. Very greatful!! Thank you for this wonderful product!!

  12. Cathy B.

    I received a jar of Shepherd’s Friend Hand Cream for Mother’s Day from my daughter-in-law when she attended the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. This is the best hand cream I have ever used. As a retiree beyond a “certain age”, this cream does wonders for my dry hands and elbows. It is absorbed immediately and does not leave a sticky residue.

  13. Chrissy

    I am a nurse, my hands are constantly cracked from sanitizing and washing them all day long. My mom first put me onto this lotion and now I swear by it. My skin has always been extremely sensitive to anything over the counter, or scented. It has completely transformed my skin, improved my dry skin and acne-prone oily skin on my face, too. I have been an avid Clinique customer for years, I would buy This lotion ten times over before I ever attempt anything else! I LOVE IT.

  14. Hadas

    Wow! Picked up a small tub on a whim at the MD sheep and wool festival. I consistently do gel nail polish, and every since I started using this as my nail oil, my nails are longer, stronger and healthier than ever! My nail tech marvels! I used to come in with chipped nails or breaks – ever since staring to use this not a single scratch! And I work in the restaurant business, so I’m hard on my hands. Hoping to snag another tub when I’m back in the US

  15. Kay

    I love the Shepherd’s Friend Hand Cream. It works so well on my dry hands especially in the winter months as I am a ceramicist. The cream is nice and thick but not so oily as some hardy hand creams can be. It soaks into the skin very well. The smell of lavender is also really pleasant & soothing. 🙂

  16. Jenny

    My husband and kids have endured my (mostly) winter groans and yelps over my seriously cracked fingertips for decades; so some years ago when he brought home a jar of Maggie’s “Shepherd’s Friend” hand cream, I was a very
    happy and grateful person!
    I give jars for Holiday presents and birthdays and cannot adequately describe the GOOD it produces in assisting healing small but otherwise difficult wounds and protecting my exceptionally sensitive skin. I would NOT try to face winter without a jar of Maggie’s at hand!
    lady, indeed!

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