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Bundaflicka Bags were born in 1993 when I was teaching knitting and quilting for the Morris School District in the Summer Plus program.  My assistant, Lisa Palmer, was leaving for a vacation in Mexico and needed a tote bag to carry her knitting and a few other things for the trip.   I came up with a basic, sturdy tote with many pockets and an artsy clay button.  Lisa is still carrying that bag today.

When life gives you a heavy load – make totes to carry it!  All Bundaflicka Bags are handmade on the farm.

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Originally a basic, sturdy tote with many pockets and an artsy clay button Bundaflicka Bags today come in both messenger bag and tote styles and may have a horn button instead of a clay one. However, they are all still made with high end upholstery fabric with straps that will never rip off. Fabric covered heavy duty cardboard provides a bottom support making the bag suitable for a lap top or other heavy fiber art equipment. All bags include a loop for keys or a drop spindle. Seam to seam pockets keep you organized and make the whole bag stronger!


4 reviews for Bundaflicka Bags

  1. kathleen Nash

    My Octopus tote just arrived! I am in love with it!..The photos do not do this stunning tote justice. I am so glad that I chose THIS tote. The fabric outside and inside is just amazing. It is a heavy tapestry and the colors are so vibrant and Color makes me so happy. As always, Excellent craftsmanship. Thank you so much! Everything you make is wonderful– I have some of all your amazing creations-totes,yarn pocket, soaps, creams, and lip gloss Thank you again, I will be back.
    I am so glad MDSW went online this year. I would probably never have discovered your amazing work and the joy it brings me.

  2. kathleen nash

    The totes just get more amazing each time… just received my Fall tote…. SO HAPPY— and I wish i could accurately describe the luscious colors… my photos just do not capture the rich and warm fall colors… a mustard gold with orange tones and orange with mustard gold tones… and silvery blue -greys… this is just beyond beautiful. and the quilted avocado lining is perfect. large but not overwhelming size- for multiple projects and even 2 sweater projects. I am SO happy I was able to receive this tote..and just as important.. the craftsmanship and creativity are the best I have ever found…. THANK YOU SO MUCH Maggie! you are such a dream to work with… I will be back… as you know! And the icing on the cake: the wonderful hummingbird wrapping paper! I felt like you were speaking just to me! the extras: the bars of your soap…a true treasure– I use your soap every day without fail. I feel the wonderful oils on my skin …thank you again so much. keep creating…

  3. Sherry Morse

    Some general comments we’ve gotten…

    “I recently bought myself a Bundaflicka bag by Maggie. I cannot say enough wonderful things about my bag. I have used it for each one of my varied outings whether it be a weekend getaway, overnight shift at work, or day out in the Hamptons! I can see that people around me are in awe of its beauty! The pockets are so useful and the construction is sturdy, reinforced and just what I need! I cannot wait to buy another one for the summer!”

    “I have four Bundaflicka bags and now use it as my go to gift for loved ones. It is a perfect diaper bag and I fill it with all sorts of goodies and treats when I gift it!”

    “These bags are a work of art. I bought a rack to display them as I enjoy them just hanging when not in use. I love that they are soft luggage and can fit under my seat as a carry on or in the overhead bin! So many pockets and even a clip for my knitting needles or car keys! The fabrics and linings are so stunning I just cannot say enough wonderful comments about my bags.”

    “I absolutely LOVE my tote. I do not leave home without one and even use it for groceries at times and can organize with all of the sturdy pockets! Maggie you are amazing.”

  4. Karen Wheaton

    I bought my Bird on a Wire bag from Maggie at the Madison Bouckville NYS Fiber Arts Festival. It is one of the most beautiful tote bag I have ever seen! The workmanship is exquisite and the design is so practical. The interior is so thoughtfully designed. Thank you Maggie!

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