Luxury Hand-Made Goat's Milk Soaps

Maggie’s Farm soap is made by hand, from scratch. No fancy bars here, just fine, wholesome, pure ingredients which include: olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, goat milk, honey, oatmeal and vitamin e. I melt silk fibers into the lye mixture to add protein to my soap. I add essential herbal oils with their own characteristics and healing properties. The bars are excellent when used as shaving soap and will leave your skin moisturized without the tightness associated with commercial soap. Each bar is wrapped in quilt quality cotton and is approximately three ounces.

A Variety Of Fragrances Available:

Anise $4/ea

Almond $4/ea
Cinnamon Leaf $4/ea
Clove Bud $4/ea
Diana English Rose $4/ea
Lemongrass $4/ea
Lemon Eucalyptus $4/ea
Patchouli $4/ea
Tea Tree $4/ea
Unscented Honey Oatmeal $4/ea